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Library programs

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The Library's dynamic and valuable Teaching and Learning Programs include:

*  Guided Inquiry (GI) research units for Years 2- 6: 

GI units of work provide students with open- ended, higher order thinking research challenges which help students to develop their life long learning skills. 

Working in pairs, students develop and research their own questions about a chosen subtopic. Students record their findings which are then collated and analysed in order to formulate and present their final responses. Students are active agents in constructing their own knowledge and meaning.

View 5 minute video of Year 4 Guided Inquiry Unit (2015) at link:

Integrating Guided Inquiry


*  introductory research units for Kindergarten and Year 1 classes 

*  Visual Literacy studies: Classes from Years 2- Year 6 may participate in Visual Literacy units, based on popular Australian and overseas illustrators' books (including Aaron Blabey and Anthony Browne). 

*  author and illustrator studies and visits 

*  cartoonist and drawing workshops for Stage 3 classes (every 2nd year) 

*  Book Talks presented annually by Paul Macdonald (The Children's Bookshop) for Stage 3 classes (Term 1) 


Reading Challenges (closing date 10th August 2018)

*  Premier's Reading Challenge (PRC)

*  Caddies' Reading Challenge (CRC)

*  Beyond the Challenge 


2018 Guided Inquiry Research Programs

Term 1: As part of the Library's CPT Guided Inquiry research programs, Year 6 classes are studying the world's precious biomes (ecological areas), with a particular focus on the serious human threats facing these regions. At the end of their research process, pairs of students will write a report which outlines the current status of a chosen biome and students' predictions for the biome's possible future. Students will choose which presentation tool they wish to use (eg. Tellagami app, PowerPoint, iMovie app). 

All Year 1 classes are currently studying a new History unit "Families Past and Present" which focuses on how life has changed or remained the same over time. Subtopics being discussed and examined include Around the Home, Clothes, Toys and Transport. Working in pairs, Year 1 are using the Library's set of iPads and several apps to create  History iBooks.