Caddies Creek Public School

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Our staff

Get to know our school staff. We're all here to help.

Our professional, university-educated teachers encourage students to develop a love of learning and a desire to succeed. They maintain the highest integrity and concern for your child’s wellbeing.

The principal is responsible for the educational leadership and management of our school. If you would like to speak to the principal, please contact us to make an appointment.

Our school administrative staff can answer inquiries or direct you to the appropriate staff member for help.


  • Mr Paul Taylor

Deputy Principal

  • Miss Megan Tolsher
  • Mr Andre Monardo (Relieving)

Classroom teaching staff        


  • Mrs Elizabeth Buckingham – R/Assistant Principal  
  • KCR Mrs Jasmin Clinch/ Mrs Rebecca Ristic  
  • KF Mrs Jenny Freedman
  • KM Miss Peita McGoogan
  • KR Miss Katelyn Roberts

Year 1

  • Miss Michelle Jurenka - R/Assistant Principal (Thurs-Fri)
  • 1O Mrs Alex Pakulski / Miss Christine O'Connor - R/Assistant Principal (Mon-Wed)
  • 1C Mrs Cherry Cabusas
  • 1F Miss Siobhan Fink
  • 1K Mrs Kerry Colburt
  • 1S Mrs Catherine Searle
  • 1W Miss Adele Wyson

Year 2

  • Miss Alison Morley – R/Assistant Principal  
  • 2B Miss Shannon Briscoe
  • 2M Miss Erica Marcelino
  • 2P Mrs Andrea Petralito
  • 2R Mrs Rebekah Bailey
  • 2S Miss Catherine Sophocleous

Year 3

  • Mr Peter Lehner - Assistant Principal  
  • 3/4W Mrs Belinda Warner
  • 3B Miss Rebecca Renshall
  • 3R Mr Liam Rice-Lowe
  • 3SL Mrs Shara Clayton-Bollard / Mrs Sandra Lim
  • 3T Miss Christina Tonnet

Year 4

  • Mrs Deb Clift – R/Assistant Principal    
  • 3/4W Mrs Belinda Warner
  • 4K Mrs Katherine McKnight
  • 4L Mrs Janelle Lee
  • 4M Mr Neil Mitchell
  • 4R Mr Michael Roberts
  • 4V Mrs Carol Van De Maele

Year 5

  • Miss Heather Nicholls - Assistant Principal  
  • 5/6H Mrs Jenny Henson
  • 5DL Mrs Michelle Dobaj / Mrs Sandra Lim
  • 5F Miss Angelica Fernando
  • 5M Miss Rochelle Magsakay
  • 5P Mr Scott Powell

Year 6

  • Mrs Sophie Nammour - Assistant Principal   
  • 5/6H Mrs Jenny Henson
  • 6D Mrs Kim Dyer
  • 6F Mrs Tammy Farmer
  • 6J Mrs Najwa Joukhdar
  • 6S Ms Carolyn Steward
  • 6W Miss Michelle Lark

Inclusive Education Classes (Support Unit)

  • 2/6S Miss Linda Sharman - Assistant Principal  
  • SLSO Mrs Huda Issa
  • 1/6B Mr Brad Sheedy
  • SLSO Mrs Linda Campton
  • K/4C Mr Andrew Coventon
  • SLSO Miss Juliann Smith
  • K/3T Ms Dawn Tate / Mrs Alison Fisher
  • SLSO Mrs Vikki Ellison

Assistant Principal Curriculum and Instruction

  • Mrs Jennifer Fletcher
  • Miss Samantha Bonaventura

Release from face to face (RFF) and Special Programs staff

  • Mrs Elizabeth Buckingham  -  Kindergarten
  • Miss Christine O'Connor - Year 1
  • Miss Michelle Jurenka - Year 1
  • Miss Alison Morley  -  Year 2
  • Mr Peter Lehner  -  Year 3
  • Mrs Deb Clift  -  Year 4
  • Miss Heather Nicholls  -  Year 5
  • Mrs Sophie Nammour  -  Year 6
  • Mrs Karen Holm  -  Support Unit
  • Mrs Evelyn Silvino


  • Miss Anne O’Connor
  • Mrs Michelle Raymond

Learning and Support Teacher

  • Mrs Sally Laing

English and Additional Language / Dialect Teachers

  • Mrs Skylee Jones
  • Miss Brooke Kim
  • Mrs Simone Cleven
  • Mrs Alison Fisher

School Learning Support Officers (SLSOs)

  • Mrs Fiona Arciuli
  • Mrs Linda Campton
  • Mr Ryan Corkery
  • Mrs Vikki Ellison
  • Mrs Huda Issa
  • Mr Howard Moussa
  • Miss Juliann Smith
  • Miss Montana Trenkoski

R/Business Manager

  • Mrs Vicki Kelly

R/School Administration Manager

  • Mrs Kathryn Coxall

Executive Assistant to Senior Executive Team

  • Mrs Annette O'Reilly

School Administration Staff

  • Ms Kerrie Barfoot
  • Miss Anneliese Gates
  • Mrs June Manu
  • Mrs Karen Pirkola
  • Miss Montana Trenkoski

School Counsellor/ Psychologist

  • Mrs Rosie Boardman 
  • Mr Luke McAdam

School General Assistant

Mr Phil Said