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Caddies Creek Public School's library is a very dynamic and vital centre of teaching and learning. It is often referred to as the "hub" of our school!

As stated by Professor Ross Todd (2010):

The school library is the school's physical and virtual learning commons where inquiry, thinking, imagination, discovery, and creativity are central to students' information-to-knowledge journey, and to their personal, social and cultural growth. 

Library aims:

In accordance with the above statement, the aims of Caddies Creek Public School library are to:

  • help equip and empower students as future learners by providing dynamic, relevant, challenging, higher order thinking teaching and learning experiences, which support the school's various teaching and learning programs
  • provide a wide range of quality resources and technologies (in a variety of formats), which provide rich information and tools necessary for students to discover, build new ideas, create, present and share their findings and views
  • promote students' interest and enjoyment of reading.

 Pair of students          Students collaborating

Components of the CCPS Library's teaching and learning program

The above aims are based on the effective implementation of:

  • Flexible timetabling 
  • Co-operative Planning and Teaching (CPT) which involves classroom teachers and other support staff working collaboratively with the teacher librarian to plan, resource, implement and evaluate units of work
  • the Guided Inquiry (GI) research framework

View 5 minute video of Year 4 Guided Inquiry research (2015) at link: Integrating Guided Inquiry

  • Evidence Based Practice (EBP) 
  • Quality teaching
  • Resource based learning, including Information Communication Technologies (ICT)
  • Information literacy. 

  Boys collaborating

Library staff & opening hours

Library staff:

  • Mrs Jenny Scheffers (Teacher librarian Monday - Thursday)
  • Miss Lark (Teacher librarian - Friday)
  • Ms Kerrie Barfoot (Library Clerical Assistant -  Wednesday & Thursday)
  • Mrs Bryant (Library Clerical Assistant - Friday)
  • student library Monitors from Years 5 - 6

  Please feel free to contact the Library staff if you have any concerns or queries.

Extended opening hours:

  *  Monday & Tuesday 8.45 am - 9 am for students to return and borrow books

  *  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 8.45 am - 9 am for students to return and borrow books, read, draw and play board games

  *  Monday – Friday 3pm - 3.15pm for students to return and borrow books

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