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Library events

Each year, our Library hosts several dynamic and rewarding events!

2018 TERM 1:

** Stage 3  annual "What's Hot" Book Talk - presented by Paul Macdonald (The Children's Bookshop)

On Monday 5th Frebruary,  our Year 5 and Year 6 students enjoyed a free book talk by Paul Macdonald (owner of the Children's Bookshop at Beecroft). This is an annual Library literary event. Paul is very passionate about promoting student's enjoyment of reading and he lectures trainee teachers in Children's Literature at a Sydney University. His entertaining presentation was enjoyed by students and teachers alike. Each class has nominated books from Paul's presentation that they would like purchased for our library collection.

Paul was presented with a small CCPS "gift bag" and thank you card, in appreciation of his visit. Paul was so impressed with our school that he posted the following very complimentary message and photo on the Children's Bookshop Facebook account:

Thank you post


2018 TERM 3: 

** Book Week Celebrations - This year, 3 exciting author/ illustrator incursions are booked: 

Kindy & Year 1
Pair visit: Sarah Davis (illustrator) & Juliette Maclver (author) on Tuesday 14 August 2018 (week prior to Book Week) 
Years 2 & Year 3

Matt Stanton (author & illustrator) on Tuesday 28th August 2018 (week after Book Week) 

Years 4-6

Oliver Phommavanh (author) on  Monday 20 August 2018 (Book Week)
Book these dates in your school diaries! 


** Annual Book Fair - date to be announced



TERM 1 2017: Matt Lin Manga / Anime Drawing Workshops


On Monday 27th February and Tuesday 28th February 2017, artist /  illustrator / designer  Matthew Lin presented very engaging and dynamic manga / anime drawing workshops for Stage 3 classes.


artist     Artwork prints


Matt explained a little about his professional background and then guided students step by step through various drawing exercises;  resulting in students' own creative characters. Students developed a greater understanding of drawing techniques and also developed their own self confidence in their drawing abilities. Matt very generously presented the Library with several coloured artwork prints. He also drew a large artwork for each of the 11 participating classes as well as a picture for the Library!

Matt's visit was highly successful, as clearly  expressed in both staff and students' written evaluation comments. A sample of these are shown below:  


All students were thoroughly engaged! I liked that the workshop was very guided but it also allowed students to express their creativity as Matt allowed them to embellish their drawings as they liked.

Year 5 Class Teacher 


Amazing! Amazing! We had a great time watching Matt Lin draw and enjoyed learning how to draw in his style. It was simple and easy to follow and the end result was so effective. Loved his workshop!

Support Class Teacher 


I personally think that the workshop was great! Matthew Lin was amazing; he inspired me to draw more. I hope that I can be a great artist like him in the future. I think now I will be more confident with my drawing.

Year 5 student    


It was one of a kind visit that thoroughly inspired my drawing skills and made me think that anything can be art! 

Year 6 student 


I enjoyed the lesson very much. I learnt that drawing is a fun subject rather than a serious subject. The workshop was very amusing and it was really cool to meet a guy with experiences of illustrating and designing books and products

Year 6 student


The workshop was very amusing and helped both of us understand the real meaning of art: that there is no right or wrong.   

2 Year 6 students Caddies Creek PS


I learnt that something so spectacular could just be made from simplistic shapes!   

Year 6 student


       artwork cropped       Action figure             Girl action figure





TERM 3 2017:

** Book Fair - held annually on Open Day

This very successful and popular literary event not only promotes students' interest and enjoyment of reading, but also results in many generous book donations and cash commission to the school! The Book Fair brings together the whole school community; with the wonderful band of staff, parent and student volunteers who help run the Fair, as well as purchasing books!


** Book Week Celebrations - held annually 

2017: Wednesday 23rd August 

This year, the library hosted its first ever Fancy Dress Day; for students and staff to dress up as their favourite book characters.  Great Book Swap was also held, which promoted students' and staff's shared interest and enjoyment of reading!  Gold coin donations raised an amazing $950 in support of The Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

At this stage, it is planned to hold author / illustrator visits every second year. So we look forward to these exciting incursions again in 2018!


Book Week 2017



2016 Book Week Author and Illustrator Visits 

In 2016, three award winning authors and illustrators visited Caddies, as part of the school's exciting Book Week celebrations, namely: 

  *  Stephen Michael King (author and illustrator) visited Kindergarten, Year 1 and 2 Support classes  

  *  Craig Smith (author and illustrator) visited Year 2, Year 3 and Class 3/6P

  *  Libby Gleeson (author) visited Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6.

Book Week sign


Craig Smith

                                                Guest author / illustrator Craig Smith 


In preparation for each visit, classes studied the guest author's / illustrator's  biographical background, brainstormed lists of thoughtful questions, read a range of  his / her books and some classes or grades designed creative library displays.  




Each of our visitors explained and discussed their writing / illustrating techniques, read extracts from their books and answered students' insightful questions. Both Stephen and Craig demonstrated their creative illustrating skills and very generously gifted their drawings to the Library. Several of these artworks have since been professionally framed and are now proudly mounted in the library. The artworks are very special mementos of their visits and of their beautiful picture books!


Cat display