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Road Safety at Caddies Creek

Caddies Creek Public School welcomes careful road users. The streets that form the perimeter around the school can become very busy before and after school.  Collectively, motor vehicles, bicycles, scooters and pedestrian traffic create a potentially dangerous road area. We ask that all our road users obey the rules of the road and exercise courtesy and caution at all times.

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Getting to and from school safely

As a parent or carer, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your child moves safely to and from school . Student safety is our priority.

Keep our school community safe by:

  • driving and parking safely, even if it means parking further away and walking the rest of the way to school
  • being a good role model
  • never calling your child from across the road
  • using the safest place to cross the road
  • Discussing and reinforcing road safety with your child

Pedestrian Access

There are pedestrian entries onto our school grounds at the front of the school on Glenwood Park Drive, and the side of the school on Currawong Street . When walking with your child, please scan driveways and roads for vehicles and use the available crossing.

To safely park in the school zone

  • drop your child off and pick them up on the school side of the road
  • never call out to them from across the road - it is very dangerous
  • always take extra care in 40km school zones
  • follow all parking signs - these help keep your child as safe as possible
  • park responsibly even if it means you have to walk further to the school gate
  • never double park - it is illegal and puts children at risk
  • never do a U-turn or a three point turn outside the school as it puts children at risk of harm
  • model safe and considerate pedestrian and driver behaviours to your child
  • always give way to pedestrians, particularly when entering and leaving driveways

Drop off and pick up

The kiss and drop zones are located on Glenwood Park Drive and Currawong Street. These follow the rules of a No Parking Zone (i.e. vehicles can only remain for 2 minutes and the driver must remain within 3 metres of the vehicle). Please ensure that when students leave a vehicle, they do so on the kerb side via the safety door. Please refrain from encouraging students to cross the road by calling them or sounding a horn.

Crossing the Road

Always use the school crossing and listen to any instructions that are give by the school crossing supervisor. It is recommended practice that you hold your childs hand until 8 years of age. Please supervise your child in the roadside environment until they reach 10 years of age. It is also good to practise "Stop, Look, Listen and Think" with your child before crossing the road.

Bus Zone 

There is a designated bus zone at the front of the school on Glenwood Park Drive. Please exercise care around buses and do not park in bus zones.

Bicycle and scooter safety

Students are allowed to ride bicycles and scooters to and from school with parental permission.

Students must wear an Australian Standards fitting helmet and dismount from their bicycle or scooter at pedestrian crossings. Students must not ride their bicycle or scooter in school grounds. Bicycles and scooters must be stored in the bicycle racks at the school. Students must provide their own lock.

For further information, please read the Bicycle/Scooter Rider Safety Guidelines.

Staff carpark

This is for the use of staff only. The gate is locked during school hours.