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Chess Club

K-2 Chess Club

Who: Year 1 and 2

When: Monday -L unchtime

Chess is a board game for two players. It is played on a square board with specifically designed pieces of contrasting colours. The game strengthens critical thinking, improves decision making, concentration and problem-solving skills. Chess helps to build individual friendships and teaches children about sportsmanship.

This shared experience encourages a healthy competition among members to strive to become better thinkers whilst challenging each other in an enjoyable context.

3-6 Chess Club

Who: Stage 2 and 3

When: Wednesday - Lunchtime

Chess is a strategic board game that develops the capacities of attention, concentration, memory, planning and foresight. Chess Club creates an opportunity for enrichment and extension for students in these areas. Students develop skills in turn-taking as well as coping with winning and losing. 

Members of the Chess Club are given the opportunity to participate in tournaments during both terms 2 and 4.