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Choir (1-2)

The Stage 1 Choir is a group of 25 enthusiastic students from Years 1 and 2.  Throughout the year students learn a variety of songs. With the guidance of two choir teachers, the group attend a practice session once a week. Students may have the opportunity to perform at various events including Caddies in Concert, Caddies Open Day and various assemblies. 

Primary Proms Choir (3-4) 

The Primary Proms Choir comprises of 30 students from years 3 and 4. Students from across NSW join together in a combined choir to deliver a riveting repertoire of 11 songs. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to develop their musical skills, connect with other schools and be part of a mass choir of over 450 students. This program is run by the Department of Education ARTS unit. The Primary Proms Choir currently meet for practice at 8:15am on Thursday morning. 

In Term 3, The Primary Proms Choir perform at The Sydney Town Hall. Caddies Creek joins a combined choir of over 450 students. Students also perform at other school events throughout the year such as Open Day, Caddies in Concert, other weekly assemblies and more. 

Choral Choir (5-6)

The Choral Choir is for students in Year 5 and 6. We are part of the Festival of Choral Music (FoCM), which brings students from across NSW to perform selected repertoire in combined mass choirs guided by specialist choral teachers.

In Semester 2, The Choral Choir perform at the Sydney Opera House as part of the combined choir for the Festival of Choral Music. Students also perform as various school events throughout the year. 

kindergarten Singing Club

This term, kindergarten are trialling a singing club. Students will be split into two groups, the Canaries and Wablers.  Students will attend a rehearsal every second week. From Term 2, there willl be a weekly practise session each Thursday lunchtime in 1W room.