Caddies Creek Public School

We Care, Challenge, Persist and Succeed

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Principal's message

Caddies Creek Public School is a very special place. Our school is special because of the people; the families, their children and a tight, caring and experienced staff team.

At Caddies Creek PS people care and help each other. Our focus is on improvement for each and every student. We recognise that in order to make this happen, every student is known, heard and understood. It is our job to engage, excite and empower our children as they grow from little people entering Kindergarten to the responsible, respectful, informed and confident young men and women who leave our school gate in Year 6, ready to tackle the challenges of high school and beyond.

We must build a strong foundation of literacy and numeracy skills in the early (K-2) years. Proficiency in reading, writing and numeracy are our priority. Evidence based practices, explicit instruction and differentiation are evident in all classrooms.

We want to see students developing their passions and engagement in all aspects of school (and community) life through sporting endeavours, the arts and academics. We also believe that students learn best when they are invested in their growth, their learning and their achievement. We want students to articulate what they know and what they must work on next, the evidence that tells them this and how they will know when they get there. Importantly we also want students to be able to discuss how they plan to make the steps they need to make. What this means is we want students to take ownership of their learning at Caddies Creek PS.

We also strive to build exciting learning pathways connected to real world issues in the local community and beyond. We know that authentic tasks, connections and people will motivate and engage students as they respond and seek to craft quality work that matters. Quality writing, quality artwork, quality speaking, quality performances. Purpose for learning is vital. We know that work matters to our learners, especially if they are to invest and commit to their learning and progress.

The future is arriving quickly via AI and Automation. Who knows what changes there will be in the world of work and society in general by the 2030s when our kids leave high school…

We do know that literacy and numeracy proficiency is vital for all future learning. We do know that student engagement is key. We also know that quality people will succeed, whatever the future may hold.

The human traits of creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and empathy cannot be automated, and it is these skills we seek to enable in all learners as they grow and develop at Caddies. We aim to build a school culture of ‘crew’ where collaboration, rich deep thinking and goals, feedback, reflection and re-drafting are a part of every day for every child and every teacher.

Welcome to our school. We look forward to sharing your child’s journey with you.