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The school enjoys tremendous support from its parent community. If you have any spare time there is always an opportunity to help in some area either as a reading tutor, accompanying class groups on excursions, covering books in the library, maintaining the school grounds or computer work. Your help is highly valued by the staff and always appreciated.


School fundraising initiatives are coordinated in conjunction with the staff, by the school's Parents & Citizens Association (P&C). In recent years the P&C have organised discos, various appeals (eg bushfire), Trivia Nights, raffles and many other activities. The P&C is also a great supporter of school organised fund raising such as the a-thons and Pedlar's Parade. The funds raised through these different activities help to provide additional resources, school programs and equipment which might not otherwise be available due to funding constraints. Parents are encouraged to support the fundraising activities that are organised for your children's benefit.


The P&C (Parents & Citizens Association) meet on the last Wednesday of each month. The meetings commence at 7.30pm and are generally held in the Staff Room.

The AGM (Annual General Meeting) is held in November of every year and at this time a new Executive Committee is elected. This group of dedicated parents, raise considerable funds to assist all students. Come along and meet parents and staff. We would love to see you.


The school always benefits from the tremendous support from it's parent community. The P&C is one of many ways the community can support the school.

The P&C is a fantastic way to foster a positive relationship between the school community and the staff of Caddies Creek.

The major role of the P&C is to assist the school with fundraising. The P&C organizes different activities from raffle to Trivia Nights to raise additional funds towards the purchase of school programs & equipment.

In more recent times, the P&C has become involved in some local Glenwood community issues which have not only benefited the Glenwood community but greatly benefited our school.

The P&C comprises of a President, 2 Vice Presidents, Secretary and Treasurer (the position descriptions are outlined below). These positions are elected at the AGM (Annual General Meeting) held on the last Wednesday in November each year. All parents and members of the community are welcome to attend meetings to discuss & vote on any issues.

The combined efforts of the P&C, school staff and school community will ensure the students of Caddies Creek Public School have all the additional resources they require to assist them in receiving the best possible education.

P&C Executive Position Descriptions:

President: The President of the P & C will oversee the operations of the P & C Committee, and will be the liaison between the school and the Committee in relation to all matters. The President is also responsible for chairing of all meetings and will contribute to other school functions as the face of the P & C Committee. This may involve making speeches and other similar responsibilities as they arise. Both Vice Presidents will assist the President in his or her duties, and be willing to step in to the President's duties in the event that he/she is unable to fulfil them.

Vice President – Fundraising x2: In addition to assisting the President, the Vice Presidents - Fundraising will be responsible for the co-ordination of all P & C fundraising activities. This will involve the creation of a Fundraising Committee who will be responsible for proposing and implementing the fundraising activities. This position will co-ordinate these processes, as well as report back on the progress at each P & C meeting.

Treasurer: The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining accurate financial records of all P & C transactions (including the annual audit), as well as reporting on this information at P & C meetings. The Treasurer will also be involved in paying P & C expenses or accounts where required, and in collecting, counting and banking proceeds from any fundraising activities. The Treasurer is the main signatory on the P & C cheque account, and will sign all cheques in conjunction with another Executive member, except in emergency circumstances at which time at least two other Executive members must sign instead.

Secretary: The Secretary is responsible for accurately recording attendance and minutes of all P & C meetings. The Secretary will then distribute this information through required channels, including submitting the previous meetings minutes at each subsequent meeting for the approval of the Committee. The Secretary is also responsible for the collection of all P & C mail from the office, opening of the mail and distributing it to the correct area, and preparation of any necessary paperwork and outgoing correspondence. In addition, The Secretary will be responsible for all P & C mass communication. This includes writing articles for the Chronicle and liaising with the office staff for them to be included each week when required, with approval from the P & C Executive and the school. The Secretary will also be responsible for advising the school office of date and location of the monthly P&C meeting. They are to ensure the date is printed in the Caddies Chronicle and placed on the School notice board, when possible. 


Blacktown Learning Centre (BLC)

Caddies Creek Public School is a proud member of the BLC (Blacktown Learning Community). The BLC is a group of twenty five schools which provide support and activities to students, teachers, Principals and community members in all its member schools.